Event rules

General event rules Corvette-Fame

- Slow driving on site. This because of wind-blown dust, loose pebbles, about children playing and, of course, to protect your own car.

- Indications of the organization, volunteers and traffic controlers of Corvette-Fame must be followed at all times.

- No cause noise through music, no private disco bars or open radio use.

- No car boot sales. It is forbidden to sell without permission of the organization for articles or food.

- Leave no litter. We hire enough containers and recycle bins, use them!

- No environmentally damaging acts.

- No entrance for any type of camper van, camper or caravan.

- Camping on site is not allowed. Spending the night in your car, tent, camper or caravan is strictly prohibited.

- No open fire cause by BBQ or camp fire.

- No own carry and/or consuming of alcoholic beverages.

- No driving around and racing with quads and other motor vehicles on the event site.

- Corvette-Fame is not responsible during the tours for what can happen to you and your Corvette. You have also to comply with the traffic regulations and code.

- No burnouts on the meeting and during the tours.

- Site enter at your own risk.

- The organization is not responsible for theft, loss, loss, damage and damage caused by the participant.

- No flyer zone (flyers can be put in the open cars, not on windows or give it to the organization

The organization reserves the right in those cases not to act as described. The organization also monitors the right to someone who do not comply with the general regulations to remove him or her from the grounds.

This was commissioned by the organization F.A.M.E. and the City of Valkenburg a/d Geul